The old as foundation, the new as inspiration: Mandali’s ecosystem is one that seeks a conscious return to living sustainably, and looks both towards the learnings from the past, and the experimentation of the present to search for that balance. It is rooted in embracing and learning from what is inherited, while listening and welcoming new voices.

It is the living and breathing mosaic around Mandali and the generosity that circulate through it that makes the Centre blossom into the experience that it is. Mandali, Untold Stories broadens and refocuses the frame on the human fabric around the Center and the village of Quarna Sopra, as individual hopes and dreams are gradually being expressed in one common voice.

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We approach the food focused storyline by looking at the glorious heritage of Italian cuisine, simple and focused on essentials

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Mandali is a sanctuary for anyone with an open heart, a curious mind and an interest in developing a conscious, healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

We are a group of devoted seekers, dedicated to creating a warm and loving atmosphere where people feel safe, happy and free. We carefully create an environment where the mind finds calm and clarity, and offer all the conditions to explore the spiritual realm in a profound way. We feel it is important to cultivate long-term relationships with our teachers to be a home, or ground base, for both teachers and students.

We like to see Mandali as a spiritual playground, where we offer one-of-a-kind, playful programs that help you to realign with nature and to live in harmony with yourself and the Universe. By sharing our love for life, we aim to guide and support you on your path.

Mandali is open to everyone who seeks peace and clarity, and welcomes teachers from all traditions and lineages who are cutting-edge in their approach. We cover a broad spectrum of courses by experienced teachers who aim to help you reach higher plains by sharing their wisdom traditions.

Welcome to Mandali.

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Our heroes

George Maddick, Mandali’s Gardener

George, originally from England, moved to Quarna Sopra with his partner Lisa, as the family grew and being close to the “mama” became statutory. Following a life-long love for nature, he started working as Mandali’s gardener, following the principles of permaculture to build a pond, an orchard and an herb garden, all working in symbiosis. His dream of Mandali growing the food feeding its guests is on its way to becoming reality.

Viramo, Mandali’s head chef

Viramo grew up in between the bustling tables of his parent’s restaurant. An explorer in the kitchen, he exasperated his mom by questioning the traditional ways of cooking as he went on to study macrobiotic cooking. Mixing traditional and beloved Italian fare with modern cooking techniques, Viramo embraced a forever-evolving cooking style that leans on local and seasonal food.

Wouter Tavecchio & Wildrik Timmerman, Mandali’s founders

Wouter and Wildrik found success through an array of festival enterprises. After a decade of immersion into a fast-paced world based on perpetual growth and abundance, they hopped off the hamster wheel of the “more, more more” and focused on a search inwards. Founding Mandali came from a desire to share that journey with people around them and to build a long lasting place that would nurture and enrich that process.

Mario Santoni, Mandali’s Qi gong Teacher

Mario believes that mastery is a forever process. As his practice spills into every second of his life, moving his body with principle, in order to break away from automatism, he builds his teaching by adhering to the students, following them and their needs instead of imposing his knowledge on them.

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