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Located just 75 minutes from Milan Malpensa airport, our centre sits high on a hilltop with sweeping views of Lake Orta and the Swiss alps. Mother nature embraces our guests with the majestic sunrises, gorgeous hiking trails and raw beauty. A truly idyllic setting to find calm and clarity in the mind and body.

Mandali was architecturally inspired by the typical Italian medieval towns that surround it. Most of the construction was completed by repurposing a large amount of locally reclaimed materials.

In order to uphold the atmosphere of a quiet, alpine village, Mandali’s structures are found meandering a cobblestone path that follows the curves of the peaceful valley it oversees.

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The Rooms

Mandali is made up of high-quality, cosy rooms that can accommodate up to 57 guests. We offer a wide range of accommodation to suit your budget and needs – from shared, dormitory-style rooms to premium single rooms overlooking the gardens or stunning Lago d’Orta, and a few larger hermitages with their own kitchenette.

Mandali was conceived according to Feng Shui’s cornerstones of harmony and balance. Each space is designed to make you feel comfortable and at home – whether you’re sipping a mug of ginger tea on the terrace or savouring a lovingly prepared vegetarian meal in the dining room.

At times you may want to mingle and chat with other guests, and at other times you may prefer moments of quiet and introspection. There is a space and a time for every mood at Mandali.

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Colourful, delicious, and locally sourced food (some of which are grown in our own garden) is carefully prepared daily for wholesome and balanced nourishment during your stay. We serve three meals a day and filtered water, herbal teas, and fresh fruit are available all day long.

You might like to know that we often observe social silence during breakfast - it is something most of our guests particularly cherish!


Our fresh and delicious vegetarian menu is sourced locally by our Chef, who mixes traditional Italian cuisine with modern flavours, creating an eclectic style that celebrates taste and colour and makes clever use of the seasonal gifts our garden offers us.

Naturally, we are happy to provide alternative menu options for vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free needs. Please inform us of your dietary requirements upon booking your retreat.

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Practice Rooms

Our practice rooms are equipped with sound systems, various lighting options, state-of-the-art ventilation and temperature control. The temple, dome, diamond room and outdoor terrace are multi-functional spaces dedicated to your practice.

Bodycare centre

Our bodycare centre is a peaceful space designed for relaxation and includes a sauna, steam room, swimming pool, and our guest’s favourite…a jacuzzi with epic views! We also offer massage and bodywork treatments provided by our experienced therapists. Treatments can be booked upon arrival. 

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The Garden & Sustainable Ecosystem

To be in harmony with our environment is one of Mandali’s core values.

From the early days, a foundation was laid for a sustainably managed ecosystem. Eco-friendly materials were used for its construction, wood chips fire our heating system, and solar energy powers our kitchen and swimming pool. Any surplus power is shared with the main local grid, so it can be used by the local community. Sustainability also applies to our daily fresh vegetarian menu, which is sourced locally.


We hope our garden inspires you to live in harmony with nature as you take in the  graceful presence of flowers, bees, chestnut trees and our resident cats; Barolo, Bhumi and Shanti.

Scattered across the garden you will discover many peaceful places for you to walk, sit and ponder. We also have a sweet little pond, lovingly guarded by Ganesha.

Near the edge of the property, you’ll find a carefully crafted Zen labyrinth, a cosy fire pit, and on the outskirts, you’ll discover a centuries-old water well, towards the back gate. Beyond that, you’ll also see an ancient statue of Maria pointing her finger in the direction of Mandali’s centrepiece; our Temple. It was this gesture that confirmed to our founders that Mandali was indeed the perfect place to create the retreat centre they had envisioned. Although you can find icons and symbols from various religions, we do not belong to nor reject any philosophy of life in particular.

Motto – Center

"Perhaps the secret of living well is not in having all the answers but in pursuing unanswerable questions in good company."

Rachel Naomi Remen