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Retreats at Mandali

We offer four types of retreats.

Themed Retreats
We host themed retreats, for those seeking a deep dive into a specific theme or teaching, led by visiting teachers.

Mandali Experience
Our ongoing in-house Mandali Experience programme (3-7 days) is a relaxing retreat, for those seeking to connect to themselves.

Mandali Experience Special
Every once in a while, we also offer a Mandali Experience Special for those seeking a week of celebration and a wider range of experiences.

Mandali Immersion
The Mandali Immersion (7 days) is our new seasonal in-house programme, for those seeking a profound, transformative dive into their inner world. Tailored for those with prior retreat experience.

Everything that we offer at Mandali is designed to enable healing and personal transformation – a process that begins at Mandali and extends well beyond your leaving.

You are warmly invited.

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The quieter you become,
the more you can hear.

Ram Dass