Mandali is a retreat centre in the foothills of the Italian Alps. We wish to be a point of light for anyone on a quest for mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

At the heart of Mandali are our gifted teachers, beloved team, expansive lake views and mother nature’s warm embrace. An experience on our sacred hilltop is made special with our delicious vegetarian meals, a sustainably crafted ecosystem, and quality cosy rooms designed for deep rest.

Mandali is a non-profit foundation, open to teachers and guests from all backgrounds, traditions and lineages and aims to create an environment where every being feels welcome.

You are invited.

About our Centre

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We are Wouter and Wildrik. Two best friends who have been journeying through life together since age 13. When we were younger, we co-created a successful business in the dance festival industry, and achieved more than we dreamt of... and somehow we still felt unsatisfied and in search of more.

When we turned 30 we discovered the power of silence, self-understanding, meditation and yoga. A whole new world opened up for us, and that’s when the seeds of Mandali were planted.

We wished to create a sacred space that could be more easily accessible to those who are on a quest. To rediscover the essential qualities we all carry within us. Love and joy in our hearts. Power, energy, and stillness in our bodies. Clarity and peace in our minds.

We warmly invite you to experience the magic of Mandali. Our beloved team of teachers and every other member of the Mandali family is looking forward to hosting you during this important time in your life.

May you leave behind what you no longer need and may you receive what will help you return to your heart.


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Our kind-hearted team is made up of locals from the Quarna villages and travellers from beyond, from all walks of life. We have a small and colourful team who are dedicated to creating a warm and loving atmosphere for all our guests.

Our beloved teachers are guides who share their wisdom, unique gifts and embodied teachings from various backgrounds and traditions, all with the aim of supporting your unfoldment.



Loving Atmosphere

We love creating sacred spaces where you can rest into the joy of simply being. From our modern temple and meditation halls to our cosy bedrooms, we wish for you to feel at home.

We offer a wide range of accommodations to suit your budget and needs - from shared, dormitory-style rooms to premium single rooms overlooking the gardens or stunning Lago d’Orta.

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“I came to Mandali to learn to be in the present moment. In the end, not only did I find what I was looking for, but I also happened to have discovered Self Love, and found my Inner Trust.”


“Being at Mandali allowed me to calm down and quiet my thinking mind. The calmness allowed me to realise how grateful I am about everything in my life.”


“Mandali felt like coming home and it made me open up so much and learn more about myself and others around me. Thank you so much for opening this part of me.”


“I came to Mandali to reconnect and maybe even find myself again. During my stay, I learned that silence is very treasurable, and with it, I could finally hear what my inner voice was saying.”


“Your generosity, your kindness and your warm smiles are the cherries on the cake. Being here means living life to the fullest in every single moment. You can let go of layers, and find such a peaceful side of yourself. Go silent, sit still, let it move you and take that ride.”


“I recommend this experience to anyone looking to slow down, reconnect in beautiful surroundings filled with attention to detail, and to give oneself the sweetest gift of self-care.”


May you be well, happy and free