Frequency and Vibration
I consider myself a lover of energy and frequencies work. I combine the vibration of sound, yoga, qigong, breath and aromatherapy…tools in which I have trained over twenty years. Part of my work is as well connected with women’s gatherings, blessings ceremonies, love rituals or singing circles.
My work with sound brought me to the direct contact with deep aspects of live. In a universe made of frequency and vibration, Sound brings me closer to the feeling of vitality, clarity and calm.


The Cacao ceremony is a celebration of life, a return to the joy of the heart to let go of the old and remember our life force. With the seeds of raw cocoa, a drink based on water or vegetable milk is made, ideal to accompany Sound healing meditation sessions, conscious dance, singing journeys … Thanks to its multiple properties, the focus of these sessions is the heart intelligence as a powerful healing tool to be taken up again.


Gathering around the fire is an act as old as mankind. A space where we share our connection with nature, our memory. The element of Fire carries with it the power of alchemy and transformation. It is therefore perfect for opening our motivations and it helps to transmute the past in a renovate present moment.

I share a simple North American Indian chant to sing along, designed to release and letting go of the old. During this chanting space, each participant burns a piece of wood as an offering and symbolically burns what is no longer useful.


Enter in a powerful and fresh sonic journey, a dynamic meditation for everyone with active individual participation in different physical and respiratory movement appropriate to each chakra. While working with the 7 chakras, you can bring more attention to each specific energetic centre, dedicate the time and focus to one chakra and unblock energy flow. Helps to muting mental noise and dissolve energetic and physical body blockages, bringing a warm feeling of unity.


From a calm and save space, we will learn the different way of breathing from the masculine and feminine polarity. First each one, separately... observing the possible blockages and sensations. In a second phase, these breaths will intertwin in a wave of energy in the couple. It is to become aware of the other from my own centre and to dissolve into unity.

Aromatherapy & Sound will be present during the session. A unique combination of essential oils, designed for men and woman, bringing clarity and space in to the Heart center. Gongs, quartz and Tibetan bowls, Hang drum.
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You are not a passive observer in the cosmos. The entire universe is expressing itself through you at this very minute.

Deepak Chopra