Kum Nye
Kum Nye is a holistic path of balance and integration, combining essential elements of movement, massage & meditation within a single discipline. These gentle yogic exercises relieve stress, and promote the deep relaxation necessary to taste the wholeness of being. As Kum Nye leads to the unification of body, energy & mind in all our activities, it has a vital and lasting quality that increases our enjoyment and appreciation of life. When we acquire this skill, all of our experience can light-up and our lives will grow more harmonious.

For over 25 years Gijs decisively dedicates most of his time and attention to study & practice, under the guidance of some of the greatest masters of Tibetan Buddhism. He has completed several teacher training programs, and shares the cream of it with joyful enthusiasm. During Monte Mandali Gijs proposes Kum Nye to bring our state of being into a state of balance, opening-up a profound sense of well-being. Through this healing practice he directs us towards pure presence, awakening the awareness of our innate good heart within.
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You are not a passive observer in the cosmos. The entire universe is expressing itself through you at this very minute.

Deepak Chopra