Drum circles
Rhythmic and musical educator/Entertainer, Trainer, Facilitator of Circular Music in the social and corporate fields.

Using practices such as drum circles, body music, circle singing, musical games, dances, I accompany groups to support their processes in the relationship between the individual and the group itself, through the musical channel, in the creation of a harmonious path of awareness and strengthening of self-esteem and teamwork: expressing oneself individually to arrive at a collective creation, in a playful environment where judgment is suspended.

Making music tending towards self-expression, personal and group well-being, inclusion and mutual listening.

I experiment with social facilitation and NVC (Non-Violent Communication) as a further tool for human connection to build an environment where it is possible to bring one's voice.

Listen to each other and connect with the spirit of community, in a musical village.
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You are not a passive observer in the cosmos. The entire universe is expressing itself through you at this very minute.

Deepak Chopra