Natalie Kuhn & Alison Sinatra &

The Class Retreatment

2 - 6 August 2024

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Date: 02-08-2024 / 06-08-2024
Category: Yoga and Movement,

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The Retreatment is The Class's 5-day journey into somatic healing and restoration. The Class is a digital wellness company that offers mindfulness modalities globally. Its signature method is a transformative practice that combines fitness and mindfulness to strengthen the body and befriend the mind. This retreat will be led by Natalie Kuhn (Co-CEO and a founding teacher, The Class) and Alison Sinatra (yoga and breathwork teacher, medicine woman) and will be dedicated to practices that open us up to delight, to joy, to savoring our lives for the deliciousness they hold.

For more information and booking visit the Class website.

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The quieter you become,
the more you can hear.

Ram Dass