Fenneke Dam graduated in 2013 from the Maastricht Theater Academy. In 2011 she obtained the diploma for Yoga teacher at the DRU Yoga teacher training. In 2017 she completed her training as a breath and voice coach, as well as the training as an Aromatouch masseuse. In addition, Fenneke has only followed training in De-armouring, Authentic Relating, Tantra, and Reiki.

Fenneke is a breathing coach, trainer, and owner of the company Ademwerk, and she is also co-founder of the Training for Breathing Coach. She gives individual sessions, group sessions, training sessions, retreats at home and abroad.

She invites you, with her work, to live life to the fullest. For her, life isn't just about being happy or feeling comfortable. But can you experience life fully? Can you be human? Can you feel and live through everything? Can you use that which blocks you to reinvent yourself and give yourself space? Life is simply not only light but also darkness and there is so much depth and beauty in it. Only in the dark, you can see the stars.

“By feeling our own discomfort instead of running away from it or wanting to manipulate it, we learn to be present with the discomfort of others. We dare to feel, to live, to love again. Anyone who can embrace his/her pain with a big heart contributes to a little less suffering in this world.”~ Fenneke

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"Those who are awake live in a constant state of amazement"

Jack Kornfield