MeditationMandali Experience Teacher
Bram has been training in Buddhist philosophy and practices since the age of 16. He is passionate about making meditation accessible to people with modern lives and his style is practical and down-to-earth. For beginners, it is easy to connect while people with experience can develop new insights. Bram is also a certified Mindfulness Trainer and Coach.

Bram's parents came into contact with Tibetan Buddhism around 1995. Soon after, he starts meditating under their guidance.
During these meditations, he experiences quietness and learns how it feels like if he just lets his mind be without interfering. Cracks occur in the vast cloud cover of thoughts. The sun breaks through and the wide blue sky shows itself. He is 16 years old at that time.

His father suddenly dies of cancer and it becomes clear to him that he has no meaningful response to the abrupt loss of a loved one. Let alone his own mortality with which he is so painfully confronted. He turns to Buddhist knowledge for help and finds the answers he was looking for.
After finishing high school, he signs up for a retreat in Ireland that spans one full year. The flame in his soul grows into a fire. He is 19 years old at the time and in the following 10 years, he lives in many different countries and travels throughout Europe to attend the teachings of his Buddhist master.

In 2006 he decides to participate in a 3-year retreat. The teachings and meditation instructions that he receives during these years are profound. He returns to the Netherlands at the end of 2010 to build a life together with his girlfriend. Around that time he successfully completes Mindfulness teacher training and focuses on teaching private and business clients. In 2015 he starts a company under his own name. It is Bram’s deep desire to spread the Wisdom and Knowledge of Meditation to his students. He finds it heart-warming to see that what really inspires him can lead to inspiration, reflection and lasting change in others too.
Motto – teachers

"Those who are awake live in a constant state of amazement"

Jack Kornfield