Emilio Mercuriali

MeditationMandali Experience Teacher
Emilio was born in Ravenna, a  town in Italy, where the seeds of his search for personal freedom were sown at an early age. He received the teachings of Barry Long on ‘Tantra, Love, and Relationships in Our Spiritual Life. His study of Maurice Nicoll, Gurdjieff, and the fourth way began around this time. Soon after he met Faisal Muqaddam, founder of the Diamond Logos Teachings. After 20 years as a student and close friend of Faisal, Emilio is a senior teacher in this school. Many years of intense exposure to the work has added invaluable precision to his understanding of how ego psychology and spiritual systems can be integrated.

Since 2010 Emilio is based in Istanbul, Turkey. There he founded Diamond Logos Turkey. He teaches largely in Italy and Turkey and occasionally in other countries depending where his extensive world travel takes him. His passion for teaching stems from a desire to integrate his understanding of ‘spiritual’ experiences into daily life. 

Emilio’s knowledge of ancient philosophy and modern psychology comes together in his fine and complex understanding of Essential Living. His sessions and workshops are based on this clear-eyed view of life. His teachings support individuals in their quest for personal freedom.

Learn more about Emilio: http://www.essenceofself.net

Motto – teachers

"We're all just walking each other home"

Ram Dass