Joel aan t Goor

Joel aan ‘t Goor will lead this retreat. He is a psychologist, author, and entrepreneur.

Joel founded Origins, the international movement for awake and purpose-driven creators, entrepreneurs, and influencers. Origins accelerates the awakening of humanity and co-creates heaven on earth, aka a world in which living your Purpose is a birthright, and love and connectedness lie at the foundation of our society.

Joel says: 
“A shared joyful reality for life on earth will only arise with a revolution on the inside: wake up, take true responsibility for ourselves, and become inside out creators. As conscious entrepreneurs and leaders, we will act as a catalyst to manifest the desired transformation on earth.”

Joel’s strength lies in a deep understanding of both people and entrepreneurship. According to Joel, next-level leadership is about Purpose AND Profit.
Joel is also founder of the World Consciousness Forum and of OPEN Business Leaders. He is an ambient techno DJ, a keynote speaker, author of The Journey to Your Origin, and is the creator of ‘The Roast of Your Leadership’.

His purpose: establish the tipping point for transformation on earth by waking up 10% of all influential entrepreneurs and leaders in the world and helping them to become an inside-out manifestation powerhouse.

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"We're all just walking each other home"

Ram Dass