Samantha Koch, is an Australian gut health and wholefood advocate, recipe developer, cook and founder of Healthy Happy based in Amsterdam. She works globally with a number of health food bloggers, authors, brands and restaurants in business, brand marketing and talent management.

Healthy Happy was born in 2012, pioneering platforms to bring food authors out from behind their virtual blogs, books and kitchens to present them to their audiences in workshops, lectures, retreats and collaborations. It was a new and exciting time to connect trailblazer foodies with their die-hard fan base worldwide!

With an extensive seventeen year career in international advertising & marketing based in The Netherlands, she was able to merge her passion for both the creative industry and her healthy wellness pursuits. She also comes from a long south east Asian family history of restaurant owners, chefs and home cooks, where she developed a deep passion for food, traditional cooking and wholefoods, from a young age.

All of this combined with her ongoing gut health & nutrition, Ayurvedic and sustainability studies has led her to teach workshops, consult privately, recipe develop, book & article writing, host & moderate various panels about the food and wellness industries.

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Motto – teachers

"We're all just walking each other home"

Ram Dass