Silvia Eriksson

YogaMandali Experience Teacher
Silvia is a Yoga teacher who recently relocated to Europe after a decade of living in Costa Rica, where she trained and established her career as a full time Yoga teacher for the last eight years where she has been facilitating both retreats and classes for the local community on a daily basis. Living in nature and sharing yoga and wellness has given her the vision and passion to share the practice with others from all walks of life back home.

Silvia’s Alignment based Vinyasa Flow teachings are steady and strong and in constant movement with the breath, with attention to detail and refining posture. She focuses on not only classical yoga postures, but also muscular isolation techniques that help you locate and pin-point the key muscles in your body that relate to the posture. Her focus and intention is to include everyone, she makes her classes fun and dynamic for experienced practitioners and new ones alike.

Her Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra are a releasing experience, designed to create a safe and calm space for setting new intentions and letting go of the old.

Silvia’s teachings are inspired from her own transformation as a student of many talented teachers of movement as well as from all her students who have studied with her. Her posture, ease and comfort in her own body, self confidence and trust have improved over the years and humbly wishes that others experience the same changes. All this leads up to creating a sacred and calm space in your body, your relationships, your surroundings and most of all in your mind so you can approach your life with more ease and confidence.

The key is in finding our patterns and use exercises, breathing techniques, and meditation to strengthen both body and mind. When we learn to use our yoga postures to aid this, we are able to be more conscious in our practice and then the real fun begins - a steady wholesome practice which connects your breathing to movement, keeps your attention in your postures creating strength and stamina, and then your practice truly becomes a meditative experience.

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Ram Dass