Jeanine Van Seenus

CEO and founder of the Modern School of Life, Jeanine works with clients, partners & female communities, providing meaningful changes with high value social impact.
In addition to holistic, sustainable communications & personal leadership projects with businesses, and fueled by her conviction that women elicit and curate needed positive change, Jeanine empowers women to transform their lives. With her New Generation Women, a media & learning platform, Jeanine inspires women to rise to a New Consciousness of Balance & Heart-Led Success.
With an MA in Theatre Studies, she creates, hosts and produces interactive business talk shows, live streaming shows, internet TV and multi-media events for large international enterprises.

Jeanine founded the Human League Consultancy to enhance corporate communications and personal development by focusing on the heart of business while becoming an internationally acclaimed corporate communications consultant, teacher-coach to the broadcast journalism industry, media and performance trainer as well as a personal coach to top managers.

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"We're all just walking each other home"

Ram Dass