Áshildur Hlín Valtýsdóttir

 Born and raised in Akureyri, a small town in the north of Iceland, Ashildur is happily married with four bright and beautiful children. She played the piano in her younger years and later got her B.Ed. in the School of Education. She acquired her ACC coaching accreditation from the ICF foundation and holds a Dip. In Positive Psychology from the University of Iceland. She has been working as a self-employed life coach and gong musician for several years, travelling across Europe to play at various events. At a conference of visionary leaders in Cannes, France, September 2019, Ashildur met Bruce Cryer who was deeply moved by Ashildur’s exquisite playing of the gongs and related instruments. He invited her to join Charlotte and him for this retreat.
Motto – teachers

"We're all just walking each other home"

Ram Dass