Susana de Sousa Tavares

Kundalini Yoga
Susana approached Yoga and oriental philosophy in her first years of college, having soon felt a deep call into salutogenesis and spirituality. She soon started her quest for the meaning of life, deepening her interest for the balance of mind, body and spirit, with a deep holistic approach.

On her inner growth path and searching for healing after having been diagnosed with a degenerative disease at the age of 29, Susana travelled and read a lot about different spiritual lines and approaches, from Yoga to esoteric Christianism and Shamanism.

After practicing Kundalini Yoga for nearly 12 years, Susana decided to master her practice and certified as a teacher in 2017, in London (UK), under the guide of Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa.

Born and raised in Portugal, Susana has a degree in Economics, she’s been working for many years as a business consultant and she is the proud mother of two youngsters.

Susana teaches kundalini yoga, gong yoga and meditation in Ticino, Switzerland, and organises workshops and retreats of yoga, detox, meditation and mindfulness, trying to facilitate participants into self-observation, inner growth, transformation and expansion of consciousness.

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"We're all just walking each other home"

Ram Dass