Beatrice Iulini

YogaMandali Experience Teacher
Beatrice’s yoga journey started over 25 years ago. Since then the personal practice - on the mat and in real life – has been the daily main appointment with herself, always new, always able to bring back clarity, harmony, energy, becoming a consistent path to find enthusiasm, inner silence and peace as base for more liveliness and meaningful living.

Born and based in Italy, starting her spiritual path very early, she has grown in the vedic tradition of Yoga under the guidance of her Master and many internationally recognised teachers. For the last 20 years, thanks to her continuous travelling between India and Europe, she got exposed to the traditional teachings of Hatha, Gnyana and Raja Yoga, exploring and living immersed in the subtle aspects, wisdom and rituals of yoga and meditation. From 2003 she started to take active part in sharing those teachings, by assisting her teacher and mentor Krishan Verma, as well as teaching classes, immersions and teacher training.

Focusing on the experience of yoga as a state of vibrant stillness and liveliness and a set of tools to live a more authentic life - her very experiential classes are based on a blend of alignment and conscious movements, Hatha Yoga e Yin Yoga exploration of postures, with a focus on integrating and making pranayama and kriya cleansing techniques and meditation really accessible and relatable for our modern living. Her Yoga Nidra and restorative practices are a transformative experience, holding space for deep releasing rest, opening the way for a fresh new starting and a more dynamic and conscious living.

Enhancing an intimate relationship with the inner Self, a grounded openness and radiance in living the worldly life, she naturally conveys that experience inviting to cultivate a kind and reverent awareness of the body and mind, the ability to connect deeply and widely and a personal understanding of the practice as an exploration of life.

Always including light-heartedness and wonder, self-enquiry and spirituality in her classes, she offers online programs and in presence immersions and retreats, as well as individual Yoga coaching and Gnyana Yoga programs, to get guidance from the ancient philosophy of yoga how to be a better person, accessing inner potential, fulfilment and liveliness, moving with confidence, presence and ease in living a soulful life in a more meaningful, conscious, loving way.

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8 - 15 June 2024
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"Those who are awake live in a constant state of amazement"

Jack Kornfield