Krishan Ji Verma

Krishan Verma, fondly called Krishanji by his students, is a student of yoga for the past 40 years and a teacher for over 30.

A professional Electrical Engineer by background, he resigned from his engineering profession in 2001 to devote all his time to Yoga and the Art of Living Foundation. He held various positions within the Art of Living Foundation, as President of the Art of Living Foundation, Canada - Director of Yoga Research and Training, VVM India - Director of International Sri Sri Yoga Teacher Training Programs - Advisory to the Sri Sri School of Yoga.

In his earlier years of yoga, Krishan learned from many yoga teachers from different disciplines. He formally took his basic and advanced yoga teacher training from Shivananda School of Yoga in Val- Morin, Quebec, where he graduated with the titles of ‘Yoga Shiromani’, and ‘Yogacharya’. In his words: “I have studied yoga and spirituality for over 40 years under the kind and loving guidance of several yoga teachers and great spiritual masters, Swami Haridas Giri and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. My spirituality is also greatly influenced and shaped by the lives and teachings of three great masters of the past, Saint Kabir, Saint Tulsi Das, and Guru Nanak Dev. I am very grateful to all my teachers and masters. My yoga flows from this space of gratitude.”

Under the inspiration of H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Krishan started the Sri Sri Yoga Teacher Training Program in 2002 in Canada and travelled internationally. Since then he has trained over 2500 yoga teachers. He has conducted yoga courses in Canada, USA, Argentina, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Russia, Mongolia, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Uganda, Australia, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Dubai, Brazil, and Montenegro.

Krishan’s mastery of yoga, his knowledge, and most importantly his teaching methodology brings out the best from his students. In his programs, he firmly yet gently guides each student to experience the effortless union of body, mind, and spirit. The student emerges rejuvenated and serenely dynamic. Under his tutelage, thousands of teachers now share the knowledge of yoga all around the world.

Krishan now teaches various yoga programs independently under the banner of Shudham Yogic Way.


“I have been fortunate to travel around the globe and teach yoga to thousands of beautiful people from all walks of life. Yoga, for me, is much bigger than just the asanas and pranayamas. Yoga, to me, is about celebrating life. It is about being a better person and living a meaningful life that is not self-centered. It is about acknowledging the goodness in others. It is about admiring the creation and the Creator. It is about taking a moment to watch a bird fly and feel so much oneness with the bird that you feel that you are flying. It is about taking the time to watch the leaves on a tree dance and feel that they are dancing just for you. It is about taking each breath with gratitude and drinking each sip of water with gratefulness.”

- Krishan Verma

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"Those who are awake live in a constant state of amazement"

Jack Kornfield