Haydi Moustafa

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In her late twenties, Haydi embarked on an inward journey. After years of living as a hardworking businesswoman, she started hearing her inner voice prompting her to pursue a different path. Believing that we can only guide others to places we've been ourselves, she began peeling back her layers. Over the years, she actively engaged in various retreats, personal development, mentoring, courses, and plant medicine ceremonies. However, the true mastery of self began to take shape as she integrated this knowledge with her own life experiences in a profound way. She continues to educate herself and is currently enrolled in doula and self-mastery trainings.

Becoming a mother and understanding the significance of the feminine vessel has marked her most profound transformation in life to date. The early birth and passing of her second son inspired her to establish the Pregnancy Wisdom Retreat. She found that many attendees were new to most of the practices and teachings offered, yet she believes them to be exceedingly valuable for any woman, regardless of the phase of life they're in.

Haydi is committed to creating sacred spaces for women, aiding them in rediscovering the essence of womanhood. Through energetic visualization, sharing, and belly dance, she aims to remind women of their sexual energy, how to activate and harness it, and how they can restore their connection to Mother Earth through rituals and prayers.

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19 - 24 July 2024
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"Those who are awake live in a constant state of amazement"

Jack Kornfield