Azucena Cijpers

Azucena Cuijpers (1985) is a passionate women’s health doctor. After working as a family physician for several years, she embarked upon a profound healing journey. This journey urged her to become the doctor she had longed for herself. As she emerged from the ashes her true calling became clear: empowering women to take back their health naturally, by guiding them to reconnect with their innate healing capacity. She uses a combination of modern medicine, natural health modalities (herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle) and bodywork (yoga, breathwork & therapeutic touch).

In 2019 Azucena founded New Women’s Health, a modern healthcare practice in The Netherlands. She offers holistic consultations to women who struggle with hormonal imbalance and disease. She welcomes women of all walks of life and specialises in health issues around menstruation, fertility, pregnancy and menopause. It’s her aim to help women understand the language of their cycle and hormones.

She is a women’s integrative and functional medicine graduate from the New Medicine for Women’s Institute founded by Aviva Romm MD. Dr Romm is one of the leading women’s health educators worldwide.

Yoga, dance and writing are powerful medicine which help her reconnect to her feminine core. She became a licensed yoga teacher (vinyasa & yin yoga) and infuses her teachings with poetry and a feminine flow.

It’s her deepest wish for every women to remember all the gifts and power that lie dormant in our feminine bodies, waiting to be rediscovered; our awe-inspiring feminine wisdom.

“ You are the medicine you have been looking for ”.


Motto – teachers

"Those who are awake live in a constant state of amazement"

Jack Kornfield