Nadia Scherpenhuijzen

If you close your eyes and picture the most sensitive, loving, caring, nurturing and strong soul, you end up with Nadia. Her life path helped her to carve out her qualities and strengths. Which is an ever-evolving journey. Her journey will help you during this retreat to come closer to yourself. To find your inner knowing. To flow back to what you need to be tall and stand strong, but tap into the small sensitive intuition that every body holds.

In daily life Nadia works as a holistic healer/therapist/coach. She works as a doula, to help couples on their journey to become parents. To connect on a soul level with your baby. She is even able to connect with this soul before conceiving. And Nadia also trains doula’s and other birth workers to flourish to their inner power and strengths. She is an amazing masseuse, works with her strong hands combined with her intuition to provide the exact thing your body needs in that time. But most of all, she’s a partner, a lover, and a mother.

All of these qualities will be of great influence and will be used during this retreat. Nadia is responsible for accessing each and everyones individual safety net. To come closer to yourself. She will tap into this with a beautiful yoga nidra session to find calmth and peace in your body. You will experience a transcendent journey to guide you further within. She will assist during the breathwork sessions and to top it off, she will smother you with sensitive intuitive but strong massages. To help your body process all of this goodness.

Motto – teachers

"Those who are awake live in a constant state of amazement"

Jack Kornfield