Movement Therapy
Pio Campo has been spending his life for over thirty years studying and spreading dance as a deep expression of contact with the dimension of creativity present in every human being, regardless of physical, psychological and social conditions. Disciple of the great Argentinian dancer and choreographer Maria Fux, who created a specific path based on the art of bodily communication and considered the instigator of a radical change in the history of dance, Pio worked by her side for three decades, deepening the close connection between movement and self-awareness, the ability to relate to oneself, to the others, and to the surrounding space.

His personal research has always been seeking the common denominator in every living being that makes conscious movement as a factor in releasing tension, a possible natural and organic alternative to stress, fear and anxiety states. Pio loves to say that the first to benefit was himself, and this is also the springboard for the passion with which he follows the path started by his teacher, which has thus also become his own.

For Pio, it was essential to cross geographical and therefore cultural and social borders, bringing dance also to human situations of much precarity. In Nepal, he was present for three years in Shelters that host women victims of violence, in Brazil for 30 years with children at risk from the outskirts, in hospitals with terminally ill patients, in mental health institutions, in leper colonies still present in the territory, in universities and public institutions. In Brazil, he founded an education project for street children that continues to this day and created the School of Training in Dance Therapy. In Italy, he follows mental health projects and anorexia departments and the training of Dance Therapists.
These experiences have been decisive in deepening the return to the power of creation that he permanently deals with, both in workshops currently held in Italy and abroad, as well as in the training of professionals.

India opened new channels in his trajectory, giving to dance also the fundamental connotation of a spiritual search that has finally reached the consciousness of the sacredness of the body and its expression, recognizing the dimension of communication with the Mystery.

Pio says, "I sought God with all my strength, everywhere, and I found Him, through dance, in me; now I see Him in every gaze, shape, color."

Motto – teachers

"Those who are awake live in a constant state of amazement"

Jack Kornfield