George Maddick

Mandali Experience Teacher
George Maddick has been working with gardens for 14 years. Paying close attention to observing the subtle changes in himself and the nature around him, philosophizing the similarities of our place in the natural world and the ways we have unintentionally separated ourselves from it in our society. A broad and somewhat controversial view on these simple observations have lead him to understand clearly the patterns and functions of the natural world to help us return to a natural state of existence, and how we are all contributing deeply to the rhythm of our planet.

Since diving deep into the world of permaculture, the nature of George’s work has gone beyond just gardening and philosophizing and becomes a necessary tool for understanding ourselves and the natural world around us. The practices and talks he offers are a fun and interesting route towards seeing ourselves within the seasonal shifts we take on 4 times a year and how we can observe and interact with them holding more trust.

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13 - 19 October 2024
Mandali Immersion - The Season of Grounding: Early Fall Retreat
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"Those who are awake live in a constant state of amazement"

Jack Kornfield