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After being introduced to Space Clearing in Australia over 20 years ago Eric has developed his own process for clearing space and people based on his understanding of the Buddhist teachings of mindfulness and non-attachment. His compassionate presence allows a safe space to relax and let go. Eric's unique language combined with his clear, energetic, and lighthearted presence creates the perfect environment to let this understanding in on a very deep level. Learning first hand from the source is an opportunity not to be missed,

"My journey has been quite varied. Searching for something – the self? Traveling to many countries, living with the locals, getting a better understanding of how and why others live as they do the search was partly externalized. In a way, I was looking outside to find out who was inside. But as we never really leave ourselves behind I was only able to observe those around me through the same eyes I had left home with.

The part of the journey that was really directed inside, perhaps the hardest part, was aided by my introduction, and exploration of ‘clearing’. The ‘Clearing’ has helped me, not only to better understand myself, but to recover parts that were lost in early childhood, but recovering them with awareness, without emotional attachment or pain, to perhaps make myself whole once again. Did I have to travel extensively to find this out? Did I need to discover ‘clearing’ to help me along the way? Who knows, but life is a journey, perhaps leading nowhere, and I still tread the path."

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"Those who are awake live in a constant state of amazement"

Jack Kornfield