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Because of his sensitivity to all manner of energies Juno has explored paths to help him deal with those energies without them having an adverse effect upon him. For the past 22 years, his practice is to consciously embrace all of life, spending the time with himself, the people he meets, and the places he visits to develop his ability to be more compassionate.

By consciously experiencing and embracing all that life presents Juno has trained his system to accept all information that he experiences without holding on. Over the years, he has become increasingly available for all aspects of life, integrating the dark side and the light side with equanimity.

The results of this journey, have led to an open, fearless heart and this is what he has to offer you. The energetic space this creates allows a space where tension can discharge, be it for you, a family member, home, or business. As built-up charge releases, energy can flow more freely. In recent years, he has cleared thousands of spaces and people energetically which has given him a wealth of experience. He can pass this experience on to you, not just in a personal clearing session but also in explaining how you can do this yourself, handing you the tools and awareness to live magically and effortlessly.

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15 - 21 June 2024
Silence-Yoga-Detox Retreat
21 - 27 September 2024
Silence-Yoga-Detox Retreat
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"Those who are awake live in a constant state of amazement"

Jack Kornfield