Tijn Touber is a writer, musician and inspirer. He is the founder of the successful band Lois Lane. Tijn wrote, among other things, the title song for the film Amsterdamned. After this musical adventure, he focuses on developing consciousness and gives training to the Amsterdam police, delinquents in the Bijlmerbajes, visitors to Lowlands, judges, doctors, and the Army. Tijn wrote seven books about his inner adventures. His best-known works are Crash Course Lighting and Time Bender. He is the initiator of the city lighting meditation network with more than a thousand living rooms, School lighting, and Kids lighting. Together with his partner Binkie he organizes Time Bender Events, Game of Life Concerts, Sound Healings, Silence Retreats, and Meditation Courses.

Tijn's music is inspired by meditation and silence. He created a large meditation network from living rooms all over Holland and over twenty countries across the globe called Stadsverlichting- Cities of Light. Tijn wrote six books on the Art of Enlightenment, most of which became bestsellers. His best-known book is A Crashcourse in Enlightenment.

Over the years Tijn has trained many different groups and people in the Art of Meditation. He lives in Amsterdam with his partner Binkie with whom he combines music and silence in their Seven Meditation Concerts. Tijn is a journalist for several magazines and has written extensively on topics related to the expansion of consciousness.

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"Those who are awake live in a constant state of amazement"

Jack Kornfield