Mandali Paradise- Poem 

This poem is dedicated to my wife Verena and daughter Hanna, who inspired me on this journey; to our fantastic teachers Silva, Mario, Steve, and Daniel, who opened new windows in my life; to the wonderful Mandali team around Prema, who created a unique place to find inner peace; and to every wonderful person of the Mandali Retreat from March 25-27, 2022, who allowed for this lifetime experience.  

If my soul could found deep ground, 

where everything begins, 

the source from which everything springs, 

It could find it here: Mandali 

If my searching spirit 

could arrive at its destiny, 

Where everything comes to rest 

and is simple in silent harmony, 

Then it would arrive here: Mandali 

If my heart could find a place where it unite forever 

With you, the flowers, the trees, the bees, 

The stars and the All, 

Then here: Mandali 

If I dream of a place 

Where woman and man 

unfold humanity and love to full blossom, 

to feel sympathy for every creature 

living together with mindfullness in joy and peace, 

I dream of you: Mandali 

But we are travelers of life, 

its steps don’t know any beginning, 

We shall pass cheerfully through room after room 

To none as to a home cling, 

The spirit of the world 

does not want to bind and limit us, 

He wants to lift us step by step, to widen us. 

But for a moment of eternity, 

We become one, arrive at the ground, 

Find the spring and the real meaning of life. 

For a moment we dive in, 

newly born we dissolve to infinity — 

and a radiant breath of enlightenment 

falls onto our lives, 

Through you, Mandali, 

And on the magic of every beginning, 

That protects us and helps us to live.

About Burkhard

Burkhard loves to write since a teenager. To him, language is one of the most fascinating phenomena and the key to our consciousness and mind. Burkhard is at the age of 58, German, a proud father of four children, and happily married to his wife Verena. Besides writing, he loves gardening, music, cooking, running – and for a few months yoga and meditation. Professionally he works for the Swiss industrial technology group Bühler and leads the Corporate Communications department.