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Mandali is a serene and peaceful place dedicated to helping you bring balance and harmony to your mind and body.

Mandali is open to everyone who seeks calm and clarity, and welcomes teachers from all traditions and lineages.

We like to see Mandali as a spiritual playground, where we offer playful yet profound programmes that help you to reconnect to your true self.

We warmly invite you to make time for yourself, to reflect and reset in a safe space with us here at Mandali.

We welcome you with an open heart.

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Designed for everybody, our homemade programme combines guided meditation, yoga, periods of silence, and group sessions.


all retreats

Discover a wide variety of spiritual explorations, wellness and personal growth programmes.



Practice and be in the presence of our teachers in the comfort of your own home.

Everything that we offer at Mandali has been designed and curated to enable deep healing, relaxation, and personal transformation – a process that begins at Mandali and extends well beyond your leaving.



Mandali is a peaceful sanctuary for anyone with an open heart, a curious mind, and an interest in developing a conscious, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle.

We are a family of devoted companions on your spiritual path, dedicated to creating a warm and loving atmosphere for you to retreat to. We are here to make you feel safe, happy, healthy, and free – an environment where the mind can find calm and clarity.

You will find all the essential conditions to explore the spiritual realm or to process what needs to manifest in a lighthearted yet meaningful way.

At Mandali, we strive to cultivate long-term relationships with our teachers. We encourage them to use our space and see it as a familiar base to return to, likewise for our guests.

Mandali welcomes teachers from all traditions and lineages who apply their own original approach. We offer a broad spectrum of courses by experienced teachers who aim to help you reach higher plains by sharing their wisdom, knowledge, and traditions.

At Mandali, you will find ample time for stillness, space, and silence, encouraging you to live in harmony with yourself and with nature. By sharing our love for life, we hope to guide and support you on your path.

We feel honoured to be able to support you on your journey here with us at Mandali.




We love creating warm and loving atmospheres where you’ll feel comfortable and at home.

We offer a wide range of accommodations to suit your budget and needs - from shared, dormitory-style rooms to premium single rooms overlooking the gardens or stunning Lago d’Orta and cozy yet comfortable hermitages.

What others say



Never have I been in a place that feels so serene and mysterious.

Every day on waking up a new scenery was being presented to my eyes. Mandali surrounding landcapses amazed me with thier beauty and provided a perfect background for my daily yoga and meditation practice. I can truly say that nowhere in the world I felt so connected and inspired to follow my path.

Catherine Kamkow

Stunning environments, beautiful decors, luxurious rooms, but the most remarkable was how we were taken care of! People who work at Mandali catered for every detail for us and it came straight from their hearts. You could feel it was their true passion.

A safe environment was created, where we could learn so much about ourselves and the world. That became the start of the unfolding transforming process that still continues today. I’m forever grateful for this life-changing experience, from where greater happiness has arisen.

Elektra Kourouklis

Mandali truly is a miraculous place and an ignitor for new adventures!

When we visited it in 2018, not only did we find ourselves, by chance we also found back each other and a renewed and profound friendship, after years not having been in contact. We are forever grateful for all the beauty, connection and energy Mandali has given us.

Ilse Vandevyvere

From the moment I stepped onto the grounds of Mandali, it felt like coming home.

Mandali is magic. It’s a place where you’ll find happiness and tranquillity. All on top of a mountain in the North of Italy. With a mesmerizing view, great yoga classes and tasty meals. You can feel the love on every corner. I can’t wait to go back!

Esmeé van Vliet