Interview: The Power of Will ~ with Emilio Mercuriali

Emilio, what is it about the work you teach that inspires you in your day-to-day?

What truly inspires me daily about the work I teach is its transformative power in continuously revealing and challenging my own patterns and behaviours. This process brings into sharp focus the contrast between these habitual patterns and the deeper, more authentic aspects of my being. It’s this exploration of the self that uncovers the immense potential within me. Each day, as I engage with these teachings, I am reminded of the journey towards a more genuine and spiritually aligned existence, not just for myself but also for those I guide. This alignment with a truer, more profound sense of self is what energises and motivates me in both my personal and professional life.

How do you define self-confidence and will?

How do you define self-confidence and will? Self-confidence, in my perspective, is the understanding and acceptance of our intrinsic abilities and limitations. It’s the foundation that allows our will – our innate drive and determination – to manifest and transform into action. With self-confidence, we recognise our potential in alignment with our true nature and are realistic about our boundaries, while remaining open and willing to challenge and extend these limits. This balanced approach ensures we are committed to our goals, in harmony with our deepest nature, but not overly attached to the outcomes.

Furthermore, this journey of self-confidence and will is deeply intertwined with the process of self-actualisation and expression in life. As we develop self-confidence and harness our will, we embark on a continuous process of actualisation. This process is not just about enhancing our skills or knowledge; it’s about evolving in a way that our true selves are more authentically expressed in every facet of our lives. As we actualise, our actions, decisions, and interactions become more aligned with our core values and beliefs, leading to a more genuine and fulfilling existence. In essence, the cultivation of self-confidence and will is a pivotal step towards living a life that is not only purposeful but also deeply expressive of our true nature.

Why are the themes of ‘Self-confidence’ and ‘Will’ the main focus of your upcoming April retreat? What role do they play in our lives? 

The exploration of these themes is crucial due to the significant roles they play in our lives. Self-confidence enables us to believe in our abilities and make choices that resonate with our authentic selves. Will, meanwhile, drives us to confront obstacles and pursue our aspirations with steadfast intention. Together, these elements are essential not only in recognizing our potential but also in actualising it. Our retreat is designed to equip participants with the tools and insights needed to access these inner resources, fostering a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal evolution.

What do you think most gets in the way of our self-confidence as human beings in the modern world?

One of the primary obstacles to self-confidence in the modern world is our disconnection from the source of our will. This vital inner resource is often overshadowed by the noise and distractions of daily life, leading to a detachment from our true desires and capabilities. Additionally, our self-confidence is frequently undermined by our own limiting beliefs and self-judgments. These negative perceptions about ourselves are often rooted in societal pressures, unrealistic standards, and the pervasive influence of social media, which constantly bombards us with images of ‘ideal’ lives and successes.

This combination of detachment from our inner will and the internalisation of limiting beliefs creates a significant barrier to self-confidence. We start to doubt our abilities and lose sight of our own strengths and potential. Overcoming these challenges requires a conscious effort to reconnect with our inner will and to challenge and transform these self-imposed limitations. By doing so, we can begin to cultivate a more authentic and robust sense of self-confidence, grounded in our true selves rather than external expectations.

How is ‘Will’ connected to doing ‘difficult’ things or pursuing challenging goals?

This is indeed a complex question. The perceived difficulty of a task or goal can vary significantly from person to person, and this often depends on the capacities and skills we have developed over time. However, encountering difficulty doesn’t necessarily imply an absence of will; it may simply indicate a need to learn or acquire new skills.

Often, our lack of specific capabilities can be misconstrued as a lack of will. This is where it becomes essential to distinguish between acquired skills and true will. True will is our innate drive and determination to pursue goals, regardless of our current skill level. On the other hand, acquired skills are the specific abilities and competencies we develop through experience and learning.

In facing challenging tasks or goals, our relationship with these difficulties is not just about confronting them with sheer willpower. It’s also about recognising where we might need to develop or enhance our skills to effectively tackle these challenges. By understanding this distinction, we can approach difficult tasks with a more balanced perspective, acknowledging both our innate will and the practical skills we need to cultivate to succeed.

What do you hope retreat participants will take away after exploring ‘will, self-confidence and manifestation’ with you in the April retreat?

My intention for the April retreat is to provide participants with a transformative experience that enables them to recognise and perceive their innate will more clearly. I aim to guide them through understanding the history and life experiences that have shaped their will and self-confidence as they are today. This exploration is not just about awareness but also about equipping them with practical tools and strategies to embark on a journey of transformation.

We will delve into how our past influences our present will and confidence levels, and how we can manifest our desires and goals more effectively. The retreat is designed to be a starting point for this journey, offering insights and techniques that participants can continue to apply in their daily lives. Ultimately, I hope they leave with a renewed sense of self-awareness, empowered to harness their will, bolster their self-confidence, and actively manifest their aspirations more intentionally and effectively.

Emilio Mercuriali is a visionary leader in the field of self-discovery and personal growth. Specializing in the Essence work and the Enneagram, Emilio’s retreats offer a unique blend of ancient spiritual wisdom and modern psychology. He will be leading the Summoning Self Confidence in Mandali this coming April.

. The next Journey to Essence retreat is on the 14-19 April 2024 at Mandali.

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