We hope our garden inspires you to live in harmony with nature, giving you ample examples of the many wonders nature has to offer us. You will find yourself in the graceful presence of flowers and bees and chestnut trees, embraced by an equilibrium of Earth and Sky energy.

Scattered across the garden you will discover many peaceful places for you to sit and ponder – or meditate, as you please. Slightly hidden under a tree, overlooking the lush lawn where you’ll make contact with the ground during your morning Qi-Gong sessions, you can enjoy the sounds of a babbling brook, lovingly guarded by Ganesha.

Near the edge of the terrain, you’ll find a carefully crafted Zen labyrinth out of stone, a cozy fire pit beset by boulders to sit on, and on the outskirts, you’ll discover a centuries-old water well, flanking the back gate. Beyond that, you’ll also see an ancient statue of Maria pointing her finger in the direction of Mandali’s centerpiece; our Temple. It was this gesture that confirmed to our founders that Mandali was indeed the perfect place to create the retreat centre they had envisioned. Although you can find icons and symbols from various religions, we do not adhere to nor reject any philosophy of life in particular.

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