Conscious Pregnancy – tapping into ancient, earth & body wisdom

Babies have been born for hundreds of thousands of years. The wisdom of pregnancy can be found everywhere. It is programmed in our cells, in our spirits, in the collective field and in the very earth we live on. I genuinely believe that finding our way back to these sources will greatly impact our lives and generations to come. 

During my own pregnancies I was on a quest. Living in the West, a society where everything is organized and controlled, I automatically followed the path that was wired in my brain by society, the system and movies. Finding a midwife, re-organizing the house, and making lists of stuff to buy. I sensed fear and control within the birth system and my spirit started calling for attention. I followed this calling, chose a different path, and learned many valuable lessons along the way.

Realizing that everything I think, eat, feel, and do, impacts my baby and that the same was true for my mother and grandmother, changed my whole perspective. Our cellular wiring starts far before conception. The way we navigate through life and experience it is stored in our cells, including the ones in the eggs we conceive from. As women we are born with all eggs, which means they have been inside our grandmothers as well. Meaning, the way she is wired has been imprinted also in our cells. This is how, on a physical level, patterns, trauma, and beliefs are being passed on and I believe the same happens on a spiritual level. We are not born as a blank page. 

Giving birth itself is another event where deep wiring on a cellular level happens. So, the way we give birth not only has an impact on our own life as birthing mothers, but also those of our babies and the future generations to come. 

Our bodies and spirits work hard during pregnancy. We might be tired, nauseous, or sensitive and perhaps struggle with the changes that are happening. 

But what if we looked at pregnancy from a different perspective? 

What if we listened to our body and spirit and followed her lead? 

What if we use pregnancy as a massive opportunity for personal growth, deepening our understanding of life, spirituality and breaking the generational traumas?

What if we embrace our femininity in all ways? The slowing down, the softness, the sensitivity and fully allow everything that wants to come to life, so we can transform.

By doing so, we can break generational cycles and bless our path as we enter this new phase in life. Gracefully feeling all emotions, embracing the tiredness, and having long nights, knowing that during our sleep is when our soul meets our baby’s soul. Working together to create a new life. 

There are many tools we can use to support us on this journey. Meditation, yoga, dance, breath, affirmations, and positive birth stories, to name a few. But it all starts with a conscious choice. A choice to be in the now. To make space and time to be, to feel, to learn and to prepare for the biggest initiation in life as a birthing mother.

One of the topics I personally find especially important during pregnancy is grounding. 

“Women are branches of mother earth. Everything she can, everything she carries, is ours. She is the mother of all. It is with her where we find our wisdom.” ~ Haydi Moustafa

Mother earth carries so much wisdom. Wisdom into which we can tap. She is where we find our grounding, our main teacher and supporter. She carries us as she constantly blesses us with her life creational force.

Be in nature.

Look at the flowers & trees.

Bless yourself with the water.

Sit by the fire.

Pray to the moon.

Ask her for support and guidance.

Sing with her.

Dance with her.

Bring the elements into your home and set up an altar.

Ritualizing ways to connect to the elements and bless our way can be immensely helpful.

There is much for us to learn from Indigenous cultures. Tribes that still live very grounded. In balance with the earth. Receiving and giving. 

What if we combine this ancient with our modern wisdom? 

Haydi has been a part of the Mandali family from the start and now organizes the very first Pregnancy Wisdom Retreat with us from the 3-7 July 2023. Read more about her story here

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